Popie -Predictive Operation on PIE shaped menu-
Menu-selection-based Japanese Input Method for Pen
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We have developed a menu-selection-based Japanese input method for a pen device. To make a user inputs kanji-form text rapidly the system requires consonant sequence of the text. After that the user selects kanji-form candidates which are inferred by the system. However, there are some cases where kanji-form candidate explosion with certain consonant sequence, so we have implemented method for reducing candidates through vowel fixing. The user can input consonants and select kanji-form candidates fluidly using FlowMenu.
The FlowMenu, which provides menu-selection, text entry, and parameter adjustment in smoothly continuous interaction was developed in Interactivity Lab, Univ. of Stanford


This is a applet which was implemented Japanese input method for pen "Popie".
Popie applet

to running applet
Your computer requires plugin of J2SE ver1.4.
Downloading JRE from "Donwload J2SE v1.4.1_02 Now!".
If you compiles source code, you need downloading J2SE SDK.

Source Code and Jar File are linked at last in this page.


- Conference Paper
  • Daisuke Sato, Buntarou Shizuki, Motoki Miura, and Jiro Tanaka. ``Menu-selection-based Japanese Input Method with Consonants for Pen-based Computers''. Proceedings of 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (APCHI2004), LNCS 3101, Jun 29 - July 2, 2004, Rotorua, NewZealand, pp. 399-408. [PDF (1.0M)]

    Daisuke Sato, Buntarou Shizuki, Motoki Miura, Jiro Tanaka: ``Menu-selection-based Japanese Input Method for Pen-based-computers'', Proceedings of 20th Japan Society for Software Science and Technology Conference, September, 2003, (CD-ROM).
    [PDF (Japanese)(915K)]

    - Demo
    Interaction 2004 in Japan (2004/03/04-05)
    [PDF (285K) in Japanese]
    [Movie (small) (2.3M) in Japanese] [Movie (large) ( 11M) in Japanese]

  • Utility

    Convert a Popie's data to SWF(Flash).
    Development Environment 1
    Java2SDK 1.4.2_02
    WindowsXP Professional
    Pentium4 3.0GHz 1.5GB

    Development Environment 2
    Java2SDK 1.4.1_02
    WindowsXP TabletPC Edition
    Mobile Pentium3 1.33Ghz 512MB

    Source Code (include jar files)

    popie-full.zip [ 12Mbyte]
    # unzip popie-full.zip
    # cd popie-full
    # make                 // making Popie.jar with Large dictionary
    # make run             // running Popie.jar
    see also
    # make m               // making Popie_M.jar with Midium dictionary
    # make s               // making Popie_S.jar with Small dictionary
    # make all             // making jar files with 3 size dictionary
    # make mrun            // running Popie_M.jar
    # make srun            // running Popie_S.jar

    Jar Filesiver4.30j
    Popie.jar [2.9Mbyte]
    Popie_M.jar [1.0Mbyte]
    Popie_S.jar [536Kbyte]

    How to running
    # java -jar Popie.jar
    # java -Xms128M -Xmx256M -jar Popie.jar
    -Xms is starting memory allocation size
    -Xmx is maximum memory allocation size

    ``CD-Mainichi News Paper 2002'' was used for making Popie's dictionary.
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